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Krispy Kreme’s Mini Doughnuts (New)

Krispy Kreme’s Mini Doughnuts may be mini in size but it’s big in taste — or at least according to Krispy Kreme’s tagline for the new mini doughnuts. They are indeed mouth-watering and satiating despite the small sizes.

Krispy Kreme's Mini Doughnuts
Krispy Kreme’s Mini Doughnuts

Consists of 11 different flavors, these mini doughnuts are only quarter the size of the original Krispy Kreme’s doughnut.

The flavors include Chicken Pop, Mix Fruit, Melon Seeds, Smiley, Cadbury Bites, Berry Stripe, Berry Sprinkle, Choc Stripes, Choc Sprinkle, Apple Stripes and Choc Powdered.

Available at all Krispy Kreme’s outlets in Malaysia, Krispy Kreme’s Mini Doughnuts retails at MYR 16.00 for 11 mini doughnuts.

Ratings: 6 out of 10